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Cake – TKO Live Resin Series – 3.0g Vape Dispos...


Cake is once again on the cutting edge releasing their premium 3.0g TKO blend Disposables. The TKO series features a 3000mg blend of THC-M, Delta 8 Liquid Diamonds, THC-A, and THC-P with Live Resi...

Hemp Good CBD

CBD Bath Bombs


Hemp Good CBD Bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients which fizz and give off bubbles and fragrances when dropped in bathwater. They are composed of essential oils and Epsom salts a...

Crop Kingz

Crop Kingz – Self-Sealing Organic Wraps


Introducing Crop Kingz organic wraps - made from all-natural hemp for a more sustainable smoking experience. These wraps feature an exclusive slow burn, ensuring a longer and smoother smoke. Enjoy...

Sutherland CBD

Delta 9 THC Seltzers

$6.99 $22.99

Experience the ultimate beach vibes with Delta 9 THC Seltzers. Stay refreshed with our smooth and great-tasting seltzers while enjoying a social gathering. Made with Delta 9 THC for a unique and e...

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Diamond Shruumz

Diamond Shruumz Chocolate Bars


Boost your mood, focus, and creativity with Diamond Shruumz Chocolate Bars. This delectable treat contains ingredients known to promote feelings of euphoria and improve cognitive function. Perfect...

Diamond Shruumz

Diamond Shruumz Extreme Gummies


With Diamond Shruumz Extreme Gummies, experience heightened focus and improved symptoms of PTSD. Our scientifically developed formula utilizes precise percentages and proven ingredients to provide...