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Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends Indi-Cubes Night Time Gummies


Best sleep and relaxation gummies sold without a med card! CBG dominant! Contain 10mg Delta 9 THC per gummy, including lots of CBN to calm the nervous system lots of CBG for deep relief. These are ...

Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends Steak Chews CBD for Dogs


Cannabinoid rich Whole Hemp Dog Chews (THC FREE). Contains 30 dog chews. These Hemp Bone chews are made from cold pressed hemp oil, and other natural ingredients that are essential for a happy K9. ...

Hemp Good CBD

Black Extreme Kratom Shot 1000MG


Discover the powerful effects of Black Extreme Kratom Shot 1000MG. This premium blend of Blak Kratom Extract is enhanced with Nano Fast Ultra Fast Acting Formula, delivering 1000mg of full spectrum...

Wasatch Apothecary

Blue Dream Baked Bytes 130mg of THC (5count)


Indulge in the therapeutic marvels of Blue Dream Baked Bytes, meticulously crafted to deliver 130mg of THC in every pack. Each delectable gummy, infused with 26mg of live resin sativa hybrid goodne...

Hemp Good CBD

Blue Raspberry Road Trip Gummies


Boost your next road trip with our High Potency Blue Raspberry Road Trip Gummies. Each pack contains 28 grams of magic dust and 8 gummy stars, perfect for micro dosing or adding some fun to your jo...

Botanic Tonics

Botanic Tonics Plant-Based Wellness Tonic feel ...


Boost your overall wellness with Botanic Tonics Plant-Based Wellness Tonic feel free® CLASSIC. This tonic utilizes the power of plants, including kava and kratom, to provide a natural and effectiv...