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Alternative Tonics Kava Gummies


 These gummies bring us a delightful fruit flavor conveniently packaged in small, resealable bags for a scrumptious way to take the edge off in a pinch. Whether you choose the Fruit Medley flavor, ...

Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends 1500mg Broad Spectrum


Broad Spectrum CBD Distillate Tincture 1500mg Contains 0%THC High Potency with a Full Array of All Cannabinoids present in our organic Cannabis Sativa L (Hemp). Thanks to our C02 extraction proces...

Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends 1g Boom Stick Disposable Vape


This comes in the most wonderful device that we have ever used! Very good air flow, 3 temperature settings and a purge / pre-heat function. This is very clean concentrate that is excellent for rela...

Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends 500mg Full Spectrum mint Tincture


This surprisingly potent sublingual formula is a mint flavored tincture that is an excellent value for patients who need occasional or moderate help with pain, inflammation, sleep, and relaxation. ...

Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends Day Changer D9 Gummies 150mg (10...


These are very potent Nano-Emulcified gummy that are extremely fast acting (20 min - 1 hour). Start with 1/4 gummy, very strong. Loaded with 12 minor cannabinoids and a full 15mg of THC in every g...

Bee Hive Blends

Beehive Blends Full Spectrum CBD Distillate 3000mg

$164.99 $180.00

This is our 2nd most potent and powerful formulation! It is a tremendous value on sale right now! (in pharmacy price is $180). This high power formula is being used by hospice patients, cancer pat...